Meet Coach Attila

Attila Huszka grew up in competitive weightlifting, knows and loves the sport: his first competition meet was at age 12, won the National Junior Olympic championships at age 19, held Masters State and National weightlifting records for his age and weight division and placed 1st at the 2019 IWF World Masters Weightlifting Competition. He has been instrumental in teaching weightlifting to hundreds of individuals for track and field, football, wrestling, competitive weightlifting and general strength training. Coach Attila is USA Weightlifting Level 2 certified.

Coach Attila trains true beginners that have never touched a barbell to high level competitive athletes.

Attila is a second generation passionate lifter and coach. His father and mentor Mihaly (Michael) Huszka competed in 2 Olympics, 3 world championships, awarded Grandmaster of the Century and was a US Olympic Weightlifting Coach. 

Attila Huszka  / Head Coach

Meet Coach Mirrya

Mirrya grew up playing a variety of sports (volleyball, basketball, and track) and showing horses competitively. She started weightlifting after meeting her husband Attila and has competed locally and at state level. She is a certified USA Weightlifting (USAW) Level 2 coach. She loves working with beginners and youth, especially seeing the moment when the mind and body ‘click’ and success is achieved. “I am most proud when a kid is able to hit their lifts on the platform. To witness their confidence and individual drive on display, knowing it translates to all facets of their lives."

Mirrya Huszka PhD, USAW  / Coach

Meet Coach Kolby

Certified Level 1 USAW Coach
Former collegiate football player
Current student at Southwestern University studying Kinesiology.
I am interning at Southwestern University Strength and Conditioning Program and am pursuing my NSCA and SCCA certifications

Kolby Bartlett, USAW  / Coach

Huszka Weightlifting Club Vision & Mission

Our mission is to provide Olympic weightlifting coaching and a positive learning environment to each athlete in order for them to experience both physical and mental gains that they can continue exercising throughout their lifetime. We understand that athletes are individuals and have their own unique milestones and goals that we support. 

Huszka Weightlifting Club teaches accurate lifting technique, programs for athletic strength, and makes sure athletes have fun while challenging themselves! Athletes learn technical form and as well as inclusion of different types of accompanying weight training and accessory work. Training and skill development includes over 30 different exercises based on the two competitive lifts (Snatch and Clean & Jerk). 

Athletes can expect to develop physical fitness improvements, power and flexibility. Beyond individual training, athletes are encouraged to compete at local, state, and national meets when properly prepared and qualified. 

When it comes to improving overall sports performance, athletic Olympic weight training is proven to build speed strength for rugby, track and field, football, volleyball and of course competitive Olympic Weightlifting. 

Strength + Resistance + Power

Athletes are taught the proper and necessary lifting techniques including safety and fundamentals of training. Although Olympic style can be difficult for strength coaches to teach or athletes to learn, it is one of the most beneficial forms of weight training for sports. Under Coach Attila's instruction, individuals will learn the skills to accurately and safely lift with power.

Once the athlete has properly learned the skills of lifting, Huszka Weightlifting provides the necessary training program to develop the individual with power and strength.

In the process of training, the athletes will develop qualities of power, speed-strength, flexibility and ultimately gain confidence. 

 Olympic style weightlifting is also a great confidence builder. Being able to skillfully and safely move weight quickly overhead and gain strength, speed and flexibility gives new assurance in one's self. You gain a sense of accomplishment. You Feel Better. AND You Feel Stronger.


In addition to some of the great qualities of Olympic lifting, it is important not to overlook the impact learning, development and competition has on the intellect. Concentration is a behavior that's also being trained in this process. Due to the nature of the sport, focus and mental effort are essential and develop with the athlete. 

Rock Weightlifting Facility

Rock Weightlifting is Round Rock's premier training facility and the headquarters of the official USAW Huszka Weightlifting Club.  

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